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About Us

Mutamakin Recruitment Office is an office for recruiting domestic workers, that was established in Al-Safa district in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the permission of the Ministry of Labor No. (3809578).

Mutamakin Recruitment Office is characterized by having the necessary expertise that enables it to seize the best human resources that meet more than what the customer is looking forward to, therefore it is currently one of the most famous recruitment offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are keen to bring highly qualified human cadres from different countries of the world to work in various specializations for our dear customers.
Not only do we choose the best among the many CVs, but we also train the workforce that offers to work for us in such a way that it is able to meet all the needs of the sectors of individuals, business and mediation in recruitment. This is in addition to completing all procedures for recruitment and following-up with each client throughout the contract period and responding to any inquiries in order to develop our services continuously.